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Redefining Creativity Since 1998

In the heart of Miami, inspired by Buenos Aires' vibrant energy, Oneclickidea, Inc. pioneers creativity. We're not just an agency; we're architects of brand stories, curators of corporate images, and trailblazers in new media.


What Sets Us Apart

Step into our boutique creative lab, where dreams take flight. We specialize in new media, corporate image, and branding, blending innovation and elegance. Our portfolio boasts global names like Oppenheim Architecture, Lancome or Televisa showcasing our passion for diverse ventures. Six years ago, we also ventured into the cannabis industry, crafting success stories that elevated brands to unparalleled heights. For instance, we helped a Californian company soar to the top, becoming the number one seller of pre-rolls in all of California.


“Cut the Crap” Philosophy

In a world where time is gold, we believe in action. No endless meetings, just transformative results. We prioritize clarity, understanding your vision to ensure a shared language for every project.


Remote Excellence, Timeless Quality

For over 20 years, we've mastered remote collaboration, proving distance doesn't diminish quality. From our Buenos Aires production office, we deliver cost-effective, top-quality solutions globally. Join us at Oneclickidea, where innovation meets action, crafting unforgettable narratives for your brand.

About US

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