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Meet The Team

Founder of Oneclickidea
Sr. Account Manager of Oneclickidea
Graphic Designer of Oneclickidea
Sales and Traffic of Oneclickidea
Digital Business of Oneclickidea

Javier Bereciartua

Creative Director - CEO

Meet Javier, our dynamic Creative Director and CEO, with over 25 years of invaluable experience in the design industry. With visionary leadership, he drives our artistic innovations, shaping unique digital experiences. Javier's extensive expertise inspires us to new creative heights, making him the heart of our team.

Cecilia Barra
Sr. Account Manager

With extensive experience and a passion for client satisfaction, Cecilia ensures exceptional service and strong client relationships. Experience outstanding account management under Cecilia's expert guidance.

Camila Gallo
Graphic Designer

Renowned for her expertise in print and social media campaigns. With an unwavering commitment to pixel-perfect design, Camila effortlessly transforms concepts into captivating visuals. Immerse yourself in the world of creativity guided by Camila's expert touch.

Gaston G. Eisele

Sales and Traffic

Tommy Bereciartua

Digital Business

Our Traffic Wizard. With a passion for boosting sales, Gaston expertly navigates digital landscapes, driving targeted traffic and ensuring impressive results. Join us in achieving online success under Gaston's skilled guidance.

Meet Tommy, our dynamic Digital Business Specialist. With innovative strategies, he propels our digital success. Tommy’s expertise transforms ideas into online brilliance. Join us in the digital revolution led by Tommy.

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