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Flexible Hours, Transparent Tracking

We kick off with a deep-dive Zoom call, understanding your brand essence to align every aspect with your vision.

Defining priorities is key. Whether branding, social assets, packaging, websites or any other project, we create a clear roadmap for efficient progress.

We present references and ideas, refining based on your feedback. Your approval guides us to the perfect outcome.

Upon your nod, we finalize everything. Digital files are readied for public release. Note: Printing/manufacturing costs aren't included.

Our 30-hour monthly plan is flexible. If we hit 25 hours and no new requests, it's a complete month. Unused hours carry over. You track it all transparently through our live spreadsheet.

Joining hands with Oneclickidea, Inc. means diving into a meticulous, collaborative journey ensuring your brand or project shines. Here's how we transform ideas into reality:

Crafting Your Vision, Every Step of the Way

Our Scope and Expertise:

What We Do, Partially Cover, and Don't Do


Things We Cover:

Branding & Re-branding


Websites (Design using Wix Studio)

SEO (Basic Optimization Strategies)

Digital Ads (Design, Not Campaign Management)

Trade Show Banners


3D Product Visualization

Social Media Graphics & Video

Treez or Iheartjane Integration Assistance

Direct Mail (Design)

Email Marketing

Brochures + Monthly Menu Design

Vehicular Graphics

Merch + WebStore Integration Assistance (using Printify or Printfull)  

AR Augmented Reality (using adobe Aero)


Things We Help or Cover Partially:

Copywriting (AI-Based Assistance*, Client Provides Final Version).


Things We Do Not Cover:

Legal Consultation

Coding (Including Apps Development)

Printing or Manufacturing (Recommendations Provided).

Our Payment & Refund Policy:

Your Peace of Mind


Upfront Payments:

All plans are paid upfront without exceptions.

Clarity from the start ensures a seamless creative journey.


Refund Assurance:

Refunds within the first week if no digital final files are provided. Completed hours are charged at $100 USD per hour; the rest is promptly refunded.


Building Long-Lasting Relationships: Your Vision, Our Commitment

Oneclickidea, Inc. is more than a service; we're your creative allies. We prioritize enduring partnerships over quick transactions. Our flexibility ensures your satisfaction. With us, your vision isn't just a project; it's a lasting collaboration rooted in trust and dedication. Join us, and let's craft something extraordinary together.

Digital-First Approach: No Physical Items, Only Digital Files

At Oneclickidea, Inc., we embrace a digital-first ethos. We exclusively provide digital files, ensuring your projects are delivered in a format that seamlessly integrates with your online presence and digital platforms. We're dedicated to enhancing your digital footprint, crafting impactful designs, and delivering innovative solutions, all in the digital realm.

* At Oneclickidea, Inc., we provide comprehensive design and creative solutions, ensuring your visual identity is impactful. While we assist with copywriting using AI, the final version is crafted by you. We are dedicated to enhancing your brand presence, offering recommendations for legal, coding, and manufacturing needs while focusing on our expertise in creative design and ideation.


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